Dostihové závodiště Pardubice


Thank you for your interest in FRIENDS FEST.

The applicant for Accreditation must complete the Accreditation Form below no later than 12am on 9th of August 2024 (after which the form will be locked). You will receive notification of the granting/non-granting of Accreditation by email based on this application. If you do not manage to apply for Accreditation electronically in time, you can do so on the day of the event (see below).

Rules: Accreditation is granted to active media outlets that write or report on the festival. The general rule is that we grant 1 accreditation per media outlet, but exceptions are possible. If you are interested in interviewing bands, performers or guests at the event, please indicate in your application.

Media Contact:

Roman Morávek, e-mail: moravek@79promotion.cz
Tel: +420 777 270 561

The PRESS card will be available for pick up upon submitting the granted ACCREDITATION (printed e-mail) at the ticket office before the ENTRANCE to the venue.

Upon presentation of the PRESS card, free admission will be granted at the ENTRANCE.

Non-registered applicants will be granted ACCREDITATION upon presentation of a valid press card at the ticket office before ENTRY to the premises.

An ID card is required to verify identity.