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ANKETA pro majitele amerických vozidel a motocyklů!
Pro majitele amerických vozidel a motocyklů jsme na FB stránce připravili anketu ohledně …
Suzi Quatro na letošním festivalu!
Nejznámější průkopnice ženského rocku a glam rocku, zpívající baskytaristka bude hvězdou …
Tickets for FRIENDS FEST 2019 already on air!
We started to sell tickets for upcoming year. It takes place on August 17th 2019.  Do …

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About Friend fest

Multi-genre open-air festival Friends Fest is an event founded by small companies, associations and people who have had some positive experience (mostly lifelong) with the USA. Their business or culture activities are directly connected to USA. Pardubice happened to be the place all these activities take place.

Our goal is to create an informal, easygoing and friendly space for meeting people who love “their” America (or just some part of it) and they want to share their vision with others. It doesn’t matter if they adore new or old cars and bikes, whether they are interested in rich military history of USA as liberation of the Czech Republic. If they are huge fans of blues, country or rock’n’roll being performed by Czech bands and transatlantic stars, maybe they love the way horse mane flap in the air and world of western or maybe their America is about taste of burger and steak. America is great country and everyone may find his own part of it.

We wish you to spend a lovely summer day or whole weekend and try to bring some of “our” maybe a little bit idealized, but twice more inspirational and tempting America.

 Production team of the festival