Dostihové závodiště Pardubice

Czech Lumberjack lumberjack show

Athletes will perform exciting disciplines such as cutting logs, cutting with large hand saws, felling a tree at a height, cutting with chainsaws and others. The art of athletes is not only about strength and endurance, but especially about technique, precision and concentration.

The Czech Lumberjack organization is a logging organization, a sports league if you will. We organize professional logging competitions on the territory of the Czech Republic, modeled after the Australian competitions.

History and future Sport logging has been part of the culture of Australia, USA, Canada and New Zealand for centuries, where logging events are attended by thousands to tens of thousands of spectators. In ax or saw disciplines, competitors compete in front of spectators for the most prestigious world and national titles.

These races are our inspiration and vision for the coming years. In Europe, this sport is very young and we see huge potential in it.