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Conditions of participation at Friend Fest festival

Conditions of participation at Friend Fest festival

By purchasing ticket or admission of ID bracelet is concluded between the participant and organizer Friends Agency s.r.o., headquarters Poděbradská 292, 530 09 Pardubice, contract about attendance at Friend Fest festival. Each visitor receives ID bracelet (which replaces ticket) on the wrist, which allows them to enter into the area of Friend Fest festival.

Participants undertake by this contract (by buying ticket or admission of ID bracelet) to follow these Conditions of participation at Friend Fest festival, in whole area and everywhere where the Friend Fest festival takes place.

1. For participants of the festival is strictly prohibited bringing and usage any glass thing, glass bottles, cans, umbrellas, flammables, all kinds of weapons, psychotropic substances, all kinds of life or security threatening objects and pyrotechnical articles. Entry is prohibited to dogs and other animals.

2. If the breach of these conditions, festival organizer is allowed to resign from contract about participate in the Friend Festival festival and to lead participants from festival area or festival venue through security services and do not let him back.

3. Festival organizer is allowed to give necessary instructions to all festival participate in order to maintain a flawless during the festival, to protect property and safety. In case of unexpected events, organizer is allowed to change timetable – include performers (weather conditions, accidents, health status of performers).

4. Festival participant agrees to maintain order and to behave with other participants of the festival or organizers. To do not disrupt the course of the festival. Follow Conditions of participation at Friend Fest festival, instructions from organizers of festival and legislation. Prove yourself by ID bracelet at any entrance to site, or valid ticket.

5. Festival participant agrees on responsible for any damage they cause.

6. The festival organizer is not liable for any damage to property or health of participants of the festival, unless the damage caused by the violation of laws and in direct connection with this violation.