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Biketrial and mototrial

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10:45 - 11:15 Indians
14:00 - 14:30 Indians
15:30 - 16:00 Indians

The largest and most successful Central European team focusing on TRIAL disciplines, which are primarily about overcoming obstacles, will present you in their unique entertainment show. You will see an exhibition of classic mountain bikes, Trial mountain and small specials and a motorcycle TRIAL. The exhibition will be on everything that has a wheel. :-)

The main drivers of the team are:

Martin Šimůnek - bike trial, 3 x world champion, 11 x national champion, Guinness and Czech record holder in bicycle jumps, European cup champion, the exhibition has been running for 25 years

Vlastislav Kabeláč Čiháček - bike trial, 10 x champion of the Czech Republic, winner of the European Cup, Czech record holder in high jumps, holder of the Guinness record in jumping and descending the Petřín lookout tower

Dalibor Šulc - mototrial, 3 x champion of the Czech Republic, has been dedicated to this sport since he was 4 years old and regularly competes in European races

TRIAL / CYCLOTRIAL - one of the most difficult technical disciplines on a bicycle, the principle of which is to overcome obstacles. Ideally only after the tires of the wheels without touching the ground. The discipline is part of the UCI and the riders of our team still hold the Czech first place in achieving results at the World and European Cups, as well as the World and European Championships.

MOTOTRIAL - is the most technical discipline on motorcycles, based on the same principle of overcoming obstacles as Trial on bikes. It is very popular in the world, especially in Western Europe, and is also used as a supplement by a number of Endurists.