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Country Sisters

Kdy & kde

14:00 - 15:00 Stage 1

We are happy to introduce to you a music band which is on the TOP of country music in Europ for so many years. Hundreds of concerts across the whole Europ or even across the whole world in the last several years. These are the proofs of the quality and popularity of this amazing band.

COUNTRY SISTERS band, which has returned in October 2019 from a tour in the USA, where they won in a competition of 13 bands from 10 countries around the world three prestigious awards - People's Choice, Outstanding Performance and Entertainer of the Year, will this year show up with the new program and also in the new cast. You will hear classical and very modern country, traditional, cajun, rock´n´roll, contemporary country hits, and also many new songs that will delight lovers of line-dancing.

Several very young singers and musicians will surprise you with their professional performance and SHOW, which will certainly surprise you in a non-traditional way, as always. Composition of the COUNTRY SISTERS group for 2020: new singer PETRIS, new violinist MAGDALENA and, of course, also members who have been in the group for a long time - MICHAEL, ANDREA, and SONIA. The new program will also include acrobatic performances and dance shows.

An amazing stage show is a "must" in this group, which fans can see on Youtube (Country Sisters channel). It is possible to find huge amount of songs, shots from concerts, experiences from trips, exotic cruises, and even a lot of funny scenes.