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He started his music at the age of fifteen. He thinks he's a coincidence in his musical career: "I did not expect the song “Tančím” will have a million views, actually I don’t expect any song to succeed. When it does not get caught, I don’t care. Otherwise, I'm very surprised. "In his tracks, he often sings about relationships and their ends, about clichés.

He graduated from a secondary vocational school in Čáslav, later studied at Charles University Faculty of pedagogy. He subsequently became a teacher in kindergarten, but this position did not go along with a musical career. So, he left his work and focused on music. 

Regarding his religious beliefs, he said, "I do not believe in God, but I believe God." In 2016 he succeeded in singing “Bůh”, “Tančím za tebou”, which marked his first debut album, called #Pekař. 

In 2016 he also became "Český slavík" in the Discovery of the Year category. He has long worked with the band Rybičky 48, with whom he recorded the song “Chtěl jsem tím říct” and started his concert tour Friends Tour. The members of his band introduced Martin "Cágo" Cagaš (bass, sing) and Ondřej "Showkup" Soukup (cajon, singing). Later, the composition of the band has changed and today the band consists of (continued) Ondřej Soukup (bass, vocals), Lukáš Netík (electric guitar, vocals) and Miloš "Majla" Filip (drums).